Healing From Unhealthy Relationships With Simone Allison #76



Simone Allison, life coach specializing in female empowerment and author of Disempowered No More: A Spiritual Journey to Discovering Purpose, Power, & Passion After Divorce talks about the challenges many women face regarding patterns of unhealthy relationships, what they can do to overcome the fear of leaving, and how to heal themselves after they’ve moved on.


  • Simone’s personal story with abuse and how she found the courage to change her life

  • The fear of leaving an unhealthy relationship that often keeps us stuck in unhealthy or even dangerous situations

  • Reactive abuse and how to reconcile with this behavior 

  • How to overcome the fear of starting over after a long relationship/marriage

  • How to find the courage to forgive yourself for walking out of an unhealthy relationship 



Simone Allison is a Life Coach, specializing in Female Empowerment - and is the author of the #1 International Bestselling book, Disempowered No More: A Spiritual Journey to Discovering Purpose, Power, & Passion After Divorce. 

Simone has a background in the field of mental health and has a master’s degree with a Dual Specialization in Marriage & Family therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Barry University. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Miami. She is a certified Life Coach from The Addictions Academy. Simone is the mother of two children and resides in Miami, Florida.

Simone chronicles her harrowing journey in separating from her husband of 17 years and one month later, her father was diagnosed and hospitalized for 4th stage laryngeal cancer. After a traumatic event at her father’s hospital bedside, she experienced symptoms of PTSD – and ultimately intense anxiety, bouts of depression and panic attacks. Following a failed reconciliation with her husband, she encountered physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Having a background as a mental health therapist and life coach, Simone used her skills, knowledge, grit, and determination to overcome the debilitating effects she endured as a result of losing her father, her marriage and the abuse that followed. Simone underwent a spiritual awakening, experiencing numerous synchronicities and supernatural occurrences – and slowly understood she was receiving divine guidance. Disempowered No More is Simone’s journey to overcoming struggles, fears, and perceived limitations.


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