Kundalini Yoga With Sierra Hollister #48



Join us with Sierra Hollister, a devoted yogini and Kundalini yoga instructor based in Asheville, NC. Taught directly by Yogi Bhajan, Sierra has a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspective to share about what it means to live the yoga lifestyle. In this episode you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of Kundalini yoga, what it means, what to expect, and how it can enhance your life.


Sierra Hollister is a mother, runner, devoted yogini and a happy tree hugger. Incredibly blessed to start her Kundalini journey at Ahimsa Ashram and to study directly with Yogi Bhajan, she has had yoga angels sprinkling lucky yoga dust at her feet since 1990. In addition to Yogi Bhajan, Sierra has been inspired and shaped by the teachings of many yogis like, but not limited to, Gurmukh Kaur, GuruShabad Singh, David Swenson, Sarah Powers, Sean Corn, and Kartar Singh Khalsa. On the teaching staff of Warren Wilson College, West Asheville Yoga and Asheville Yoga Center, Sierra is also a Yoga International featured teacher.


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