Former Cattle Ranch Turned Animal Sanctuary #49



Join Chris and Sara with guests Renee and Tommy Sonnen to get the inside scoop of life as ex cattle ranchers turned vegan. In this episode, the founders of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a safe-haven for farm animals, share their transformational story and give a bit of advice to vegans hoping to spread the message in the ranching community. 


Renee was born and raised in Houston, Texas and is the founder and Executive Director of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. Renee was a city girl before moving in with her husband, Tommy, to the ranch in Angleton Texas which was once a beef cattle operation in the heart of cattle country. She fell in love with all the farm animals, having no idea that her life was about to be forever changed because of her husband's ranching business.

After witnessing time and again the baby calves going to the sale barn, she became depressed about the inherent cruelty of the ranching business. By October 2014, she had decided she no longer wanted any part of ranching. She went vegan and began pursuing her vison to open a vegan farm animal sanctuary. She forged relationships with many key leaders in the vegan movement who offered insight and counsel, and with tremendous determination created Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc, a 501c3 non-profit.

Renee has always been an entrepreneur and an entertainer at heart. Her background includes a career as a professional performer, producer, Texas Realtor, and her interest in yoga and wellness culminated in several businesses including the buildout of a multifaceted medical spa and yoga studio.

Renee's passion is her greatest asset. She believes her true calling has finally found her in her work at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. Now she is a catalyst for change in a sometimes dark and cruel world, to educate others about the importance of adopting a vegan lifestyle. Her greatest aspiration is to be an advocate for ranchers. “It’s time to start rescuing ranches”.


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