Healing America Together With Nelson Campbell #45



Join Chris, Sara, and Nelson Campbell in this episode about Healing America—the new, plant-based movement sweeping the nation. Nelson, the founder of PlantPure Inc. and director of the documentary PlantPure Nation, highlights the urgency of talking about plant-based nutrition for not only our health but also for the state of America. Learn how you can follow and support this movement by subscribing to www.healingamericatogether.com


Nelson founded PlantPure, Inc. and its nonprofit arm, PlantPure Communities, to lead a grassroots movement to promote the health benefits of plant-based nutrition. He is also the Executive Producer, Director and Co-Writer of the documentary film PlantPure Nation, which examines the political and economic factors that suppress information about the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and makes connections to public policy, medical practice, food deserts, and farming.


Healing America Movement

Plant Pure Nation