Home Birth in Bali With Love Conscious Family #47



Join Chris & Sara with their guests, Melanie and Tobias, of Love Conscious Family in a discussion about their personal experience with their recent home birth in Bali. Learn what these health conscious, spiritual parents did to ensure a safe pregnancy, home birth, afterbirth, and more!


Melanie and Tobias are a Swedish couple that loves everything to do with a healthy, happy lifestyle, inspiring people from all around the world to live a more connected, spiritual, and environmentally friendly life. They are digital nomads that love traveling, exploring new places, healthy vegan food, and inspiring others to create a more fulfilling, authentic lifestyle.

Formerly known as MT World, now known as Love Conscious Family, Tobias and Melanie share their personal experience with their audience what it means to live as new health and love-conscious parents. When Melanie found out she was pregnant and due November 20, 2017, they moved to Bali, Indonesia, two months before they would bring their new daughter, Aurora, into the world through a natural, home water birth.


Love Conscious Family