Messages From The Other Side With Joe McQuillen #68



Following the loss of his son in 2016, Joe McQuillen went on an inspirational journey to connect with him on the “other side.” Not only was he able to make a strong connection that grew over time, but his son even helped him write his book, My Search for Christopher on the Other Side, to show grieving parents that life after death is real. In this episode, Joe shares his story and offers a fresh perspective of Heaven & Earth.


  • The motivation behind Joe’s  book and the emotional rollercoaster he  went on to write the book

  • How he started receiving channeled messages from his son through writing

  • A discussion on the tremendous healing he has experienced through opening himself up to communication with Christopher on the other side and how his revelations can help other parents also grieving the loss of a child


Joe McQuillen has been married for 27 years and is the father of three children, one on the “other side.” Joe was the youngest of 10 children from an Irish-Catholic family, and although he has had two successful careers, he is at heart a blue-collar kid from Buffalo, NY. Starting as a salesman, he spent 25 years in the automobile business, working his way up to executive manager and partner in a number of successful Chicagoland dealerships. After selling out in 2009, Joe began a second successful career as a mortgage broker and is currently with Chicago Financial Services.

Among his many charitable associations, Joe sits on the board of In Balance Ranch Academy, a boarding school dedicated to helping troubled teens with addiction. Following the loss of his son, he began running a charity golf outing to benefit both In Balance Ranch and Penguin Players, a theater troupe of disabled young adults.

Joe is himself 33 years sober and a member of AA, a fact that has, in his words, “helped me to get close to God and to carry me through the dark times after my boy’s crossing.” His journey has led him both to speak to teens with addiction and to write this book. Joe has pondered the possibility that he may one day turn the tragedy of his son’s death into a new, third, career, one which may well be the most fulfilling of his life.


Joe’s Book