Thrilled to Be Alive with Jake Eagle #56


Join Chris and Sara with Jake Eagle, meta-therapist and author of Get Weird, How To Make The Most Of Your Life, for an amazing discussion on what it means to be thrilled to be alive, how to transcend safety consciousness into a state of soul consciousness, and how to detach from your stories so you can experience the present moment fully.


Jake Eagle was a licensed psychotherapist in private practice for twenty-five years. He now calls himself a meta-therapist, offering an approach to people who wonder "what comes after therapy?" If you've been in therapy and worked on yourself for years, you may want to hear about this new approach to personal growth and development. 

Jake is the author of an award-winning book with the title, Get Weird, How To Make The Most Of Your Life. He and his wife, Hannah, teach retreats at various locations around the world. In 2017 they uprooted their lives and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to live out what they call "the third act" of their lives. 


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