Healing With Music With East Forest #41



Join Chris & Sara in this inspirational episode with Trevor Oswalt, a.k.a. East Forest, as they explore the ways in which music acts as a true expression of soul individuality. Trevor has an expansive and humble approach to his music that allows his listeners to release into a truly transcendental experience of consciousness. Learn about his journey, his new album Cairn, and get the details on his once-a-year retreat of sound healing and holistic wellness.


When Trevor Oswalt (a.k.a. East Forest) translated his last name from the German to English (Ost=East, Wald=Forest) he never anticipated the musical journey it would take him on. 14 albums later, including a collaboration that went #1 iTunes Electronic, East Forest continues to explore a path of emotionally driven music. His newest release CAIRN, a collaboration with producer Keith Sweaty, is a collection of beat driven tracks, analogue synths, acoustic piano and a wealth of vocals and lyrics by Oswalt. The timing of Cairn coincided with a time of deep personal change for Oswalt as he left a long-term relationship of many years and found himself in unexpected emotional depths. East Forest's mission is to share his music, which he calls "the medicine I need to make it in this world".


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