The Health Benefits of Chlorella & Spirulina With Catharine Arnston #67



If you’re as interested as we are in plant-based nutrition, superfoods, or anything related to your health and well being, then you don’t want to miss this short but sweet and super information-packed episode on spirulina and chlorella with Catharine Arnston. In this episode she breaks down the healing power of both types of algae and how you can use it to benefit your life.


  • The healing power of the algae, spirulina and chlorella, including Catharine’s sister’s inspiring story healing herself of breast cancer using algae and a whole food plant-based diet

  • The amazing (and surprising) facts of algae nutrition that you have likely never heard before

  • EnergyBits innovative algae harvesting and cultivation process and their promise to uphold the cleanest and most environmentally friendly standard of production

  • The future of algae--where the world is headed in algae cultivation, its rising popularity in the mainstream diet, and all the reasons why you should be eating this superfood now


Catharine is an accomplished CEO and Health Educator. She grew up in Canada and has lived in the USA since finishing her MBA 30 years ago. Catharine founded the algae tablet company ENERGYbits in Boston MA ten years ago after her younger sister in Canada was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would be important for her healing.

Catharine helped her sister research what foods she should eat and in the process, learned about the healing properties of plant-based nutrition. This ultimately led Catharine to algae,the most nutrient dense, alkaline plant in the world with vast healing properties, all of which were unknown outside of Asia. Catharine has spent the last ten years researching algae and educating consumers, athletes and wellness professionals about algae and its therapeutic benefits. Now considered the country’s leading expert on algae nutrition, Catharine is a sought after speaker at health, wellness and fitness conferences as well as practitioner and nutrition conferences and is a frequent guest on podcasts and television.


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