Exploring the Landscapes of Your Soul With Austyn Wells #78



Spiritual medium and author of Soul Conversations, Austyn Wells will guide you into the deepest parts of yourself, helping you to explore your intuition and connect with Spirit on a deeper level so you can lead a more soul-centered life.


  • Austyn’s story of how she became a medium

  • Trusting our own intuitive abilities and gifts 

  • Topics that she covers in her book Soul Conversations, such as

    • Our eternal souls

    • Communication with Spirit and the Universe

    • Soul-centered living and how to hold space for ourselves in our lifestyle to reawaken to our potential

  • How to move through fear regarding communicating with and experiencing Spirit



For over 20 years, author and spiritual medium Austyn Wells has been empowering individuals to create soul-centered lives. Her new book Soul Conversations: A Medium Reveals How to Cultivate Your Intuition, Heal Your Heart, and Connect with the Divine offers many tools and techniques to explore the landscape of your soul. 

An author, lecturer, guest medium, and teacher, Austyn developed the Divine Spark Cards©, which assist both developing mediums, as well as grief counselors to inspire healing conversations with their clients. Her Divine Insight Cards© help anyone who wishes to be more intuitive. She is featured in Matt McKay’s book Seeking Jordan and in the Amazon book Trust Within: The Heart of Intuition by Molly Carroll.


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