I Am Vegan With Alletta Vaandering #53



Alletta Vaandering, vegan fashion model and photographer, inspires listeners to follow their passion and excitement through her own commitment to a life of passion. In this episode, Alletta shares her unique perspectives through her art projects, particularly her “I Am Vegan” photography series, showcasing the diversity among the individuals of the growing vegan community.


Alletta’s photographic journey began long before she picked up a camera.
Her story started at fashion school in Amsterdam, before she was discovered as an international model. During this time she also became a photographer’s assistant, and a retoucher for some of the world’s largest labels. All these roles have forged Alletta’s unique perspective into photography. Because Alletta has played every role, she knows exactly what she wants and how to achieve it. 

One of her biggest projects at the moment is portraying the large range of people that decide to go vegan and tell their stories. "besides our values we are all unique individuals. " The I am vegan project shows the diversity among the growning vegan community.


Alletta's Website

I Am Vegan Project