Personal Transformation & Cosmic Exploration With Adam Roa #44



Hang out with special guest, Adam Roa, spoken word poet, coach, and host of “The Deep Dive” podcast. In this episode we take a journey through Adam’s story of the dismantling of societal expectations for him--leading to a life of passion, adventure, and self-awareness. Find out news of his upcoming book, Cosmic Philosophy: A Month in the Light.


Adam Roa‘s is a coach, conscious content creator, and host of “The Deep Dive” podcast. His potent spoken word poetry and deeply moving multimedia creations take the viewer on a transformational journey that leads to greater self-awareness and compassion for all of life.

Whether he’s supporting high-impact individuals in creating profitable businesses, captivating audiences from the screens and stages, or facilitating breakthroughs at workshops and retreats, Adam shows up to life with consistent excellence and soul-inspired passion.


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Adam's Spoken Word 'You Are Who You've Been Looking For'

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