Why Self-Help and Self-Improvement Doesn't Work

Christopher August | August 31, 2019


I never cared much for the phrases “self-help or self-improvement.”

The word “help” implies that we are broken and need fixing. And the word “improvement” suggests that we need to do something to become better.

Having spent several years consciously exploring my own inner landscapes, I discovered that I was approaching physical, mental/emotional, spiritual self with a “fixer” mentality.

By viewing ourselves as broken, needing to be fixed, we slide further away from our innate God-force like power that we all harness within.

We move away from our truly abundant, radiant, and joyful selves and become stuck in this hamster wheel of always looking for the next book, the next guru, the next healer, and next workshop to make us whole.

Although, each of those things are to  beneficial on our journey and are there to remind us of who we truly are, to solely rely on them is doing us all a disservice. 

So let’s shift our language and instead of referring to this realm as “self-help / self-improvement,” let’s call it “Self-alignment or Self-empowerment.”

In the realm of Self-alignment / Self-empowerment,” we practice surrender and trust, creating more space and allowing us to sink deeper into our heart-center. 

For there, is the place where we awaken out of our deep slumber and bear witness the unfoldment of our divine nature. 

For there, is where our core essence will be revealed and all the answers we long for will come to meet us with grace.

For there, is where true transformation begins.