The Journey to Fatherhood

Christopher August | August 21, 2019


Shortly after getting married in 2016, Sara and I embarked on a South America tour that took us through the mountains of Colombia to the streets of Ecuador to the forests of Peru.

Just like any of our past adventures, we met so many remarkable and beautiful souls along the way.

Amongst those souls was a little girl named Anaiya. Her mom and her were from the US and just so happened to be staying at the same AirBnB in Cartagena, Colombia.

I always knew that Sara and I would have children one day, but in that moment we met Anaiya, I felt this powerful fatherly urge to protect and to nurture - to care and to hold.

Instead of seeing just another child, I saw this innocent being with a world of possibility and potential. I saw this playful, yet raw soul who was here to teach us all to let go of our shit for just a moment and be here NOW.

Later that evening we ventured to the local square where people communed over hot street food and lively conversation.

As we all talked, I couldn’t help but watch Anaiya as she ran, laughed, and played with the other children. I observed as each of them tapped into their wild imagination, create new worlds and alternate dimensions.

My inner child was crying out, wanting to burst free.

So without hesitation, I joined them, playing like I was five again. Anaiya and I ran around the square for what felt like hours.

In that moment, nothing mattered. I was completely careless and the weight of the world just seemed to fall away.

And now, nearly three years later, as we countdown the days to my sons birth, that same childlike curiosity and playfulness is re-emerging and those same fatherly urges are getting stronger by the day.

I have no clue whats in store for the days ahead, but all I know is I’m ready to embrace every aspect of the journey.

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